Metrorail Accidents


The rail services industry is largely controlled by non-governmental organisations. These parastatals have responsibilities to the public, including the duty of care, which stipulates that commuters have a right to a certain level of safety while using public transportation.

The service provider is responsible for ensuring trains are in good working order including coach doors that close while the train is in motion, this includes railway lines, stations and rail infrastructure, including signalling and railway booms. Consequently, any injury you sustain while on a train or on the property of the service provider could give rise to a valid claim. Sadly, despite this duty of care, the annual number of train-related injuries and fatalities continues to rise.

Metrorail Accident Claim

A Metrorail accident claim can be filed on behalf of anyone who suffered damages due to bodily injury or death while commuting by train or as a result of an incident involving a train. Claims against Metrorail must be filed within three years of the accident's date. It is crucial to seek legal advice from specialised attorneys as soon as possible following a train accident.

Proving negligence in court can be difficult and requires a thorough understanding of the applicable laws. At Lowe & Petersen Attorneys, we will provide you with the highest level of legal service throughout your case. If you have a personal injury claim against Metrorail, we can provide you with the necessary guidance and support to file a compensation claim.


1What entitles you to make a claim?
  • Injury in a train accident
  • The dependent of a deceased rail accident victim
  • If a person falls or is pushed on a station platform
  • If a person is pushed or falls from a train
  • Bodily injuries during boarding or disembarking
  • Injury on Metrorail property
  • Injury whilst being conveyed on a train
Where a minor has been injured and requires medical attention, a parent and/or legal guardian/curator ad litem will be the claimant.
2What can be claimed?
  • Expenses for hospitalisation and medical care incurred due to an accident (Past medical expenses)
  • Any costs expected for future hospital and medical expenses (Future medical expenses)
  • The loss of past and future earnings
  • General damages for shock, pain, suffering, emotional stress and the loss of the amenities of life, scarring and disfigurement, loss of the ability to lead a normal life and loss of the ability to earn an income.
3How long does a Metrorail claim take?
This depends on the circumstances of each claim. The sooner you instruct us in a Metrorail case the sooner your claim will be finalised and paid.

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