Slip and Trips


Property owners, businesses, restaurants, municipalities, and other comparable entities owe the public a duty of care to ensure that the premises, property, pavements, and streets under their control are not dangerous to the general population when they are used. Owners or managers must inform the public of any potential dangers they have caused, are aware of, or have reason to believe that hazards may occur. You have the right to seek compensation for your injuries if they were caused by this entity's negligence or breach of this obligation. In cases involving a slip-and-fall, the negligent party must be served with a summons within three years of the incident date, unless, the negligent party is the local municipality, and in which case, a notice of the claim in the form of a demand for payment must be served on the municipality within six months of the incident. As specialists in Personal Injury Law, Lowe and Petersen Attorneys are the best to assist you in any valid slip and trip claims. Slip and trips are a branch of Personal Injury Law which forms part of the law of delict.

The law does not mandate that individuals watch their every move. It is reasonable to assume that people observe their surroundings in common or in daily activities. A successful slip-and-fall claim is predicated primarily on establishing that the injured party was less negligent than the property owner. Determining how reasonable it is to prevent such an accident is not straightforward and depends on the specifics of each claim. Liability insurance protects many commercial and residential property owners, which covers the cost of compensating injured parties and covering legal expenses resulting from negligence. However, this insurance also protects the owner against certain instances of personal injury, so if you are injured, it is crucial that you consult with one of our legal experts at Lowe & Petersen Attorneys before filing a claim. Your claim will be harder to prove the longer you wait, so please contact us as soon as possible.


1Who can claim for slip and trip injuries?
If you have suffered injuries from a slip and trip incident by falling, tripping or slipping as a result of the negligence on the part of a property owner, a business, a restaurant or a municipality, you are entitled to claim monetary compensation for your injuries.
2What compensation do you receive for slip and trip injuries?
With our attorneys at Lowe & Peterson Attorneys, you can claim general damages, past and future earning losses and past and future medical expenses.
3Who is liable for slip and trip injuries?
The liability falls on the owner or the tenant of the property.

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